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Ben Gibbard + Mark Kozelek

During the past two decades, prolific songwriter Mark Kozelek has released a string of acclaimed records, first with his band Red House Painters, then with Sun Kil Moon. He also records under his own name—Mark Kozelek: Sings Christmas Carols is out November 4. Kozelek’s remarkable talents as a storyteller—celebrated for his intimate lyrics, and intricate guitar playing—have made him something of a San Francisco treasure. On the Sun Kil Moon album Benji, released earlier this year, is a song titled “Ben’s My Friend.” The “Ben” that Kozelek is referring to is Benjamin Gibbard, the front man, guitarist, and songwriter for two of the most beloved and successful indie rock bands of the past decade: Death Cab for Cutie and The Postal Service (Everything Will Change, a feature-length documentary filmed during The Postal Service’s 2013 reunion tour opens in select theaters on November 14). In the following Thread, the two friends swap stories about how much they love (and fret about) their respective hometowns, the daily routines of rock musicians, and the perils of pissing off their fans.

Ben Gibbard photo: Ryan Russell

Mark Kozelek photo: Bill Ellison

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