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Maria Popova + Maira Kalman

Maria Popova is the writer and self-described “interestingness hunter-gatherer” behind the immensely popular website and newsletter Brain Pickings. Each day, Popova contributes new essays—keenly observed and heavy with quotes and hyperlinks—celebrating bold and beautiful ideas in practically every field of thought imaginable. Brain Pickings is the perfect syllabus for the creative, questioning mind, which helps explain the deep kinship between Popova and artist Maira Kalman. As the author and illustrator of dozens of books exemplifying her unique imagination and voracious curiosity, Kalman is in many ways the embodiment of the Brain Pickings ideal: creative, intellectually adventurous, and always open to inspiration. In the following Thread, the friends discuss broken bones, quote Sontag and Thoreau, and ponder a gigantic pair of undies.

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Maria Popova photo: Elizabeth Lippman

Maira Kalman photo: Erin Patrice O’Brien for the Wall Street Journal