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<p class="title">  	Update</p>  <p class="city">  	Samsung</p>  <p class="photog">  	Photograph by Michael&nbsp;Light</p>



Photograph by Michael Light

Rumor has it Samsung was entertaining relocation offers from Texas before deciding to keep its corporate campus in San Jose, the self-proclaimed heart of Silicon Valley. The new, one-million-square-foot, $300 million headquarters from architects NBBJ features a striking design and an even more striking location. In the land of tilt-up concrete and sprawling parking lots, the company’s decision to go vertical and urban feels far more disruptive than the suburban spaceships envisioned elsewhere in the Valley. Samsung’s unusually tall (ten-story), park-filled, pedestrian-friendly anti-spaceship engages with the area around it and, by extension, with the metropolitan sensibilities of the tech talent it hopes to acquire. ​